Mt. Hoffman

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I am a sentimental old fool that cannot help looking through old photos and smiling at the memories. Moreso when it pertains to last summer and the people that I encountered in Yosemite. I am completely enthralled by people and their stories.

But what I loved the most about my summer spent in Yosemite was the sheer sense of camaraderie and kinship between people throughout the park that worked there. As it is, there's hundreds of young folk within the park that have essentially cut off communication with their friends and family and there is no other means but to completely immerse yourself with what and who is around you. I still think that it takes a certain kind of person to drop everything and spend a summer in the wilderness, it's kind of like an adult summer camp but much much better.

The shot above was taken my last week in the park on my favorite trek up to the top of Mt. Hoffman. Mt. Hoffman is found in the Tuolumne Meadow region of the park, one of the most underrated and breathtaking locations I have ever encountered. It is also considered the geological center of the park, so I was more than excited to witness the view from it's peak.

On the hike to the top we encountered only two people. The first, showed above, worked at Crane Flats in the park. We exchanged smiles as we divulged where in the park we worked and he gave us advice about which was the best route to the top. 

The other gentlemen we met once we reached the top.  He hadn't been back to Yosemite in 20 years but without the use of the map that I had was able to point out the peaks in the distance and share a short story about his hike to the tops and name off each in succession. 

These are the stories that warm my heart and I seek to collect. We are all stories in the end. We might as well make it a good one.

Oneonta Gorge

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sometimes life can get you down. It can get hectic and you find yourself too exhausted to do the things you love.

This too shall pass.

Remember the good. Remember that the days you wont forget aren't the ones killing your feet over a dead end job with no future. That it isn't about the degree that's been gathering dust at your parents house back in the city you were born and raised in. It's not about the dwindling of your checkings and the snail pace at which your savings account grows.

The days I remember most are jam packed with good things and good people. I cut it close and cut into my sleep, tired and exhausted with heavy bags under my eyes but my muscles are sore, my skin is bronzed, hair is wild, eyes are bright and my grin is wide.

These are the days worth remembering that makes life worth living.

Last Thursday I met up with a great group of people for a hearty breakfast that we later hiked off through a 4 mile loop hike through the Triple Falls. We followed that hike with another hike through the Oneonta Gorge in which the river acts as the trail to your destination at the waterfall. It was a pretty spectacular sight to behold, not gonna lie.

Pemberton Music Festival!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I can't even express how awesome last weekend was.

Coming from Southern California, moving to Portland was the farthest North I'd ever traveled. I always had my sights set on moving northward, mind you. I just never anticipated even leaving the state of California which came as a pleasant surprise. Immediately thereafter (I think within the first month of my moving up here, actually?) I set my sights even farther and took my first trip to Seattle, with which I fell in love.

Now last week I made my first trip even farther to Canada! I gotta say, I love the Great White North. I love Canadians, I have never had a negative encounter with a Canadian and they didn't disappoint.

I went North to Pemberton, British Columbia to attend the Pemberton Music Festival. I love music and festivals of all sorts and am honestly kind of bummed if there is ever a year in which I don't get to attend one (here's lookin' at you, 2011). I missed out on Sasquatch this year but it's okay, because I was able to go to Pemberton!

My one pleasant encounter with Canadians on this trip was when I very exhaustedly took a nap in the middle of the field only to be awoken by a group of people kissing and snuggling me. Once they woke me up they cheered and dragged me off to dance with them at Lindsey Sterling's set. Goes without saying but my day could've gone a lot worse.

Some of my favorite acts were The Flaming Lips, Empire of the Sun, St. Vincent, and Outkast. And, well, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

I can totally have a portfolio based entirely off of Annie Clark photos, that's a thing, right?


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