Rattlesnake Ridge. North Bend, WA

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Have you ever waited oh so eagerly and patiently for something only to have your own scatterbrained mess of a brain mess it all up?

Well, I finally got all my new camera gear in. My new Fujifilm XM-1 mirrorless camera body looks spectacular. The lens? The vintage Canon FD 50mm 1.8 from my Canon AE-1 Program film camera. The missing piece? The FD to X mount adapter that I had been waiting ages for. Previously I had ordered it over a month ago hoping it would arrive in Seattle before I did but for whatever reason it didn't, so I had to re-order it. But when it came! I was itching to take it out for a test drive and see what my new setup could do.

I needed this hike to have all the elements I was looking for: a moderate hike to get me back in the game (hey, it's been awhile!), a good view, some form of water preferred, and to get me back out into the forest (goes without saying, right?).

Rattlesnake Ridge has been on my radar for quite some time now after seeing a handful of beautiful engagement shots there. I knew I had to go.

So off we went!

Luckily it wasn't too far off at only roughly a 30 to 40 minute drive away from our new home in Seattle. Jay and I eagerly set out for our weekend adventure (working weekday mornings has turned us into Weekend Warriors, whodathunk?) to North Bend.

Once we got there I eagerly broke out the camera, took a quick snap, when my heart dropped.

"Oh, no!"
"What happened?"
I looked up and I'm pretty sure I was pouting ridiculously at this point.
"I didn't charge the battery last night!" 
Typical. Jay just chuckled good-naturedly as he does. What could I do!? Keep going, obviously and break out the iPhone when I was really dying to take a shot.

The thing is, I was consistently in awe by this scenery. The hour, the lighting, the weather... it was perfect.

Nothing compares to forest lighting.

The baseball player stance on this one, I swear.

we kyute

Fog! Mountains! Golden Hour!

Sometimes you just have to accept that the camera isn't going to compare to the actual experience of being in the wilderness. 



Sarah Rose said...

Amen to that! Love the photos, anyway! Really, when it comes down to it, if a photograph can help you remember the real experience, then it has done it's job!


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