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Monday, October 15, 2012

Recently, I got a tattoo. Another one. It's surprisingly large and on my leg, sorry I haven't really made an effort to take a good picture of it just yet so you'll have to wait for that. The point is that it's a rather large one (what else can I say besides every single person who's seen it has exclaimed, "It's so big!" [inb4 that's what she said]) and located on my thigh. That means it's rather easy to hide (except for the godawful California heat) but also easy to show off, it's the perfect mix!

At least I thought so.

Not surprisingly, as soon as my mother saw it she scowled and said (once again), "It's so big... and ugly." Ouch. I expect nothing else, though. What she said next however, did surprise me.

She admitted that whenever she sees anyone covered in tattoos (as I inadvertently am now, apparently) her first thought is drug addict.

Double ouch.

I'm a good kid (erm, I mean adult. Duh.), I go to school, I work, I'm slightly liberal and uh... green friendly, but lets not get into that. It was a little disappointing to hear my mom have such ridiculous ideas but I can't blame her for it, it's a different day and age.

...Even though tattoos have existed for eons, but this isn't a history lesson.

Today it is almost surprising to hear about someone who does not have a tattoo, but perhaps that has a lot to do with the crowd I run with. I know many people, many many people, who have all kinds of tattoos: large ones, small ones, hidden ones, and blatant ones. Most of them have some deep, emotional, and heartfelt meaning, some just look pretty.

What used to be an alternative lifestyle, isn't anymore.

So if you've got tattoos, I want to shoot you so we can show the world what we're made of.

This is Evelyn Phelps.

On her wrists Evelyn has the dopamine chemical structure and the infinity sign.

On her back she has "Cogito ergo sum," I think, therefore I am.


Bubble My Licorice said...

I love your tattoos, your hair and your eyes :)
you are so pretty!


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