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Saturday, September 29, 2012

German Love by Starfucker on Grooveshark

What a bust! After all the trouble I went through to get my camera into the UCR Block Party last night, I didn't even have the equipment to follow-through. My little 50mm 1.8 lens might be superb for close-quarter shows like Sondre's at The Troubadour, but it's small reach is nothing for a real show when you're farther than 10 feet from the band. I ought to have known, but it's a lesson I wont soon forget.

I can't deny this is an expensive hobby, but for all the joy I get out of it it's definitely worth it. I have a mental list in my head of the lenses that I desire and their purpose: the wide-angle for stargazing and landscapes, the 85mm and 35mm for portraits, and now I know I need a damn good quality zoom lens for live music.

For all the years I've spent at UC Riverside I've really never felt like I belong and I felt that tinge again last night when they welcomed in the Freshman. It's my own fault for never getting involved on-campus though. I still had a good time last night, boasting about being on Starfucker's guest list (oh, the wonders of twitter) and overhearing people's conversations.

Going through the photos again I can't decide if through color-editing I have Autumn on my mind or of the foliage really is starting to represent the correct season. Either way I eagerly anticipate sweater weather and overcast skies with luscious clouds.


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Nice pics.^^
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