stockholm syndrome

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yesterday I picked up my dear friend Ruddy and told him he had no say in what we were going to do.

So I picked him up and off we went! My first stop was the LACMA, off of the Venice exit, which I mentioned only to have him inform me that he'd never been to Venice Beach. Well, we can't have that, can we? So rather than taking the right turn for LACMA I turned left and drove straight until we hit the Pacific. I guess he kind of had a say in what we did.

Everyone has to see Venice at least once. So we walked the streets then onto the beach in our museum-best apparel (sweaters, cardigans, collared shirts, and leather boots) from Venice to Santa Monica and back. It was... hot, but well worth it.

After we tired ourselves from the mesmerizing image of waves crashing onto the shore and were hungry enough we headed out to Umami burger to have one of the most delicious burgers around, no joke. We explored their little gallery that they had at some Fred Segal place (who apparently hearts you).

Finally we rushed over to The Getty Center to run from one exhibit to the next in the final hour before they closed.

Live is grand. Be impulsive. Live a little.



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