instagram roundup: september 23 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

 There's a lot of catching up to do! I figured since I've joined instagram I've just about chronicled my life in there the best way to do an update is with those photos. Since this is my first time doing this these photos are way out of order but I'll try to give some details on what's going on and never do such a large, disheveled one of these again.

1. Sadie! What a cutie, right? She belongs to the boy and she's such a sweetheart. My heart melts every time I see her peek her head out underneath the gate to say hello.

2. September 15th was National Coastal Clean-Up Day and clean up we did! We went up to the Big Bear Marina and walked around the lake picking up any and all trash we came across. This is the bestie showing her clean-up enthusiasm.

3. Austra at the El Rey Theater courtesy of my big sis that won free tix.

4. My other big sis and I in Point Richmond "walking" Iggy.

5 & 6. Terry and Iggy! They were my companions while I spent a month house-sitting for my eldest sister. You can easily tell that they have as much personality as they are cute.

7. When I did get back home I tried to spend as much time at the beach as possible enjoying myself. These are my friends, engaging in some gluttony beachside.

8. and did I mention I've picked up archery as a hobby? Well, now you know.

9. Speaks for itself, doesn't it? I visited the Golden Gate Bridge a handful of times on my visit seeing as how whenever anyone came to see me they'd want to go there. I didn't mind, it's quite a sight to behold, isn't it?

10. When the boy came to visit me I took him to the Berkeley Rose Garden and it was well worth it.

11. In our Woody and Jesse hats at Disneyland.

12. My baby Rupert frolicking at the dog park. He's nestled beside me right now as I type, eyes closed with the occasional twitch of the paw. I like to think he's having pleasant dreams of chasing the neighborhood cats that like to sneak over and try to eat his food.

13. Tom's Bench! From 500 Days of Summer, but you knew that of course. :)

14. This summer was a glorious time spent with my amazing friends. This was taken on August 12 on the night of the Perseid's meteor shower.

15. Got to see the Potter Puppet Pals at The Troubadour.

16. and lastly, this fella. This lovely Dalmation is Lucky, I first got him when I was in the third grade. I was obsessed with 101 Dalmations and begged my Dad for one. I remember I went through the Penny Saver until I came across an ad for Dalmation puppies. I called the lady who was asking for $50 per pup and asked if there was any way she could give me one for free, she must've laughed at this little kid calling and asking for a puppy. Anyway, she said if after a week they still had any left then sure, I could have the pup for cheap. I remember I spent a week doing household chores and I'd already saved up a few dollars to give to the lady, a week past and I went to go pick my puppy. I bet my Dad must have just paid the full $50 but I never asked. Anyway, I go to see the litter of puppies and there was one that stood out to me, because he had one nearly entirely black ear. I liked him, took him home and named him Lucky. Little did I know that he'd be the one dog to last me a lifetime, we had him for 15 years. Finally, this past Tuesday we had to say goodbye to my old friend. I knew you almost my entire life, Lucky. I'll never be able to look into my backyard and not remember all the hours I spent in my youth playing with you and teaching you how to fetch or shake hands. I'll always miss you, friend.



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