Mt Hood National Forest + Bagby Hot Springs

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

As my journey to exploring all that Oregon has to offer continues, I am thrilled to have had Casey and Matthew (plus Yoda and Padawan!) join me on this trek. This week I ventured out to Mt. Hood National Forest in search of Bagby Hot Springs.

I can't express how wonderful it was to venture out into the Mt. Hood wilderness. Something about the turquoise waters, tall trees and brisk air felt like home. This was the wild that I was searching for and I'm pretty sure I'll be coming back here repeatedly over the course of this upcoming summer. I'm looking forward to it.


Sarah Rose said...

Love these photos, sure makes me miss the NW! I'd take pine trees over palm trees any day :)

marxela said...

D'aww, I miss the palm trees! Although I do appreciate the scent and shade of pines like no other :)


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